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4 Ways to Keep Up with Evolving Digital Marketing Trends

By Cesar Guzman on April, 6 2018
Cesar Guzman

There have always been new marketing approaches introduced into business strategies. Technological advancements have brought new opportunities in marketing efforts. The old saying “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t always hold true. It sometimes benefits a business to integrate a new channel into their marketing plan, even when their current method is still prevalent. There are some useful tips in keeping with trends.

  • Mobile device usage is increasing. smartphones and tablets provide easy access to a number of features and applications. Since smartphones are now playing an important part in society’s daily lives, marketing campaigns have been guided towards mobile users for some time now. Whether it’s through PPC ads on popular social media sites, or through standalone applications, companies know the significant importance of this to reach a fresh new audience.
  • Location specific advertising is becoming more popular, from large companies to mom and pop shops. Having promotions that are location based can be an effective way to promote your company. This would give a sense of exclusivity to people within a certain area of the business, prompting an interest in the offer.
  • Video content is everywhere now. Most advertisements are now video based because of the reaction it can generate. Social media is the prime location for video advertisement, but that’s not the only place you should promote your brand. Using videos on your landing pages and your website could attract more viewers. A decrease in a person’s attention span means content needs to be attractive for the audience. An eye-catching video can work better than an still image.
  • Customization is crucial when designing your marketing strategy. A company cannot market to everyone the same way. Each strategy varies depending on various factors.


For your business to stay ahead of the competition, its important to understand and implement new marketing plans into your existing methods. Don’t forget that a marketing strategy that’s comfortable isn’t always the best option for your business. Implementing new and innovative marketing strategies will ensure that your business is always one step ahead.

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