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4 Ways to Keep Up with Evolving Digital Marketing Trends
By Cesar Guzman on April 6, 2018

There have always been new marketing approaches introduced into business strategies. Technological advancements have brought new opportunities in marketing efforts. The old saying “if it...

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Intro to Business Models
By Cesar Guzman on March 19, 2018

 Many people have probably heard of the term B2B at some point, but most have never heard of similar terms like B2C, C2C, or C2B. So what are these terms exactly, and what do they mean?...

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Brand
By Cesar Guzman on February 23, 2018

There are many mistakes people make that eventually ruin their business. Knowing what these mistakes are is a great way to keep your businesses running. This is a list of the 10 most...

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