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Lucy Woolson

What Managers Can Learn From Creative Leaders
By Lucy Woolson on August 10, 2018

At Fortress, we have a range of creative teams contributing on all of our projects. These teams, with their unique, creative skill-sets also require a leadership style that fosters...

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What is Google's New Marketing Platform and What can it Do for You?
By Lucy Woolson on July 11, 2018

Earlier this week, Google hosted a live web broadcast announcing their new ad service rebrand. AdWords has become Google Ads, DoubleClick has become Google Analytics 360 and they all...

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5 Ways to Boost Engagement and Grow Your Instagram Following
By Lucy Woolson on July 6, 2018

Instagram is quickly gaining popularity in the social media world. After being bought by Facebook in 2012, the app has evolved from the photos-only platform launched in 2010 to include...

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