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Topic: Advertising

What is Google's New Marketing Platform and What can it Do for You? | Fortress Consulting Group | Blog
By Lucy Woolson on July 11, 2018

Earlier this week, Google hosted a live web broadcast announcing their new ad service rebrand. AdWords has become Google Ads, DoubleClick has become Google Analytics 360 and they all...

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Customers Talk. So Jump On Referral Marketing | Fortress Consulting Group | Blog
By Maya Devassy on November 5, 2015

Word of mouth is what helped Airbnb and Dropbox grow quickly into the well-known brands they are today and you should be doing it too. As a potential client, you may ask your friends...

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Interview With Joel Mathew | Fortress Consulting Group | Blog
By Maya Devassy on June 26, 2015

Fortress Consulting Group President Joel Mathew always knew he wanted to start a business from a very early age. With a degree in operations management and information systems and years...

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Don't Be Everything to Everyone | Fortress Consulting Group | Blog
By Joel Mathew on March 12, 2015

Very early on in business there is a struggle to provide anything a client may ask for, even if it lies outside the realm of your expertise. We were no different. We were hungry (and...

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