The content that is attached to your brand is what customers use to understand who you are, what you do, and what your brand offers.

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Having content that is too similar to competitors or not specific enough, might have potential leads overlooking your company’s true potential. That is why we believe that content creation is one of the most important aspects of any new or existing brand’s image.

Our creative content team will work with you to ensure a cohesive voice across all platforms while communicating your brand’s message effectively. Let us help create your brand’s voice.

  • blog creation Blog creation

    Blogs are monthly posts that give your customers a more in depth look at certain areas or relevant news in your business field. These are seen as both a form of educational and entertaining content for consumers.

  • case studies Case studies

    Case studies provide a useful visual for the types of work that your company has done for its other clients. These are important, not only to show your level of work but also to give potential clients insight on what you could do for them.

  • white papers White papers

    Although white papers may seem similar to blogs there is some distinction. White papers take a specific topic or problem in your field and discusses research or actions that created a solution. This type of content is more informative and used for the purpose of educating an audience.

  • newsletters Newsletters

    Newsletters are specific promotional or informative content that is sent out to a list of subscribers. This content can be as frequent as a weekly blast or as spread out as every other month. A newsletter keeps your subscribers engaged and up to date on what is going on with your company.

  • press releases Press releases

    A press release is similar to a newsletter in that it releases new updates on a topic or event for your company. But, press relases usually are sent out to the media as opposed to a subscriber list.

  • website copy Website copy

    Fortress also has a team of writers that are experienced and able to help create new and innovative copy for your website. Our writers will work with you and research competitors to ensure that your copy is accurate, competitive, and fits your brands identity.