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BenjYehuda is a multisite restaurant brand in Chicago with a rabid fan following. They had an outdated website that matched the underground feel of the brand. As they grew, they wanted to show a little more polish and highlight the amazing quality that goes into the food. Additionally, they wanted to give their brand a voice amongst some larger and very well known competitors.


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Web Development

Brand Strategy


Social Media

Content Creation

Corporation Identity



Fortress started with taking the owners’ vision for the brand and translating it into digital. We created two new websites for them along with branding around events and a major focus on catering. A customized digital marketing strategy, including ongoing photo shoots, helped keep the story online fresh and engaging.


BenjYehuda’s new website met their vision for where the brand was going while still retaining the edge and grittiness that made them so successful. BenjYehuda saw a massive spike in catering orders and revenue generated from the website. They also showed increases in social fanbase and engagement that helped lead to lines out of the door on a regular basis.

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