Building A Financial Trading Platform For The Future Of Investing

The challenge

Our challenge was to create a new brand for a private equity company run by a former Chicago Board of Trade member. He wanted to build an algorithm based financial trading platform that would change the way people manage their money.

Launch Project


Website Design &
Graphic Design
Corporation Identity
Brand Strategy


Fortress first went through several rounds of branding exercises to arrive at the top choice for name, Kepha Analytics, which is Aramaic for rock. This had symbolic meaning to the client’s culture and the brand. Once selected, we started designing Kepha’s branding components until we had the right look that combined the technology feel with the finance look they liked. We then went to work on the web platform with a focus on simplicity and ease of use on both the front end and the back end.


Kepha Analytics was built and continues to grow it’s monthly subscriber base. Users rave about the ease of use to get financial signals and how flawlessly the site functions.

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