Power To The Players.

The challenge

Sports Fanalytics came to Fortress with a great product offering: a data driven platform that helps users pick the winners and losers from MLB and NBA games. Their main challenges included lack of awareness about their services and differentiators, very little social exposure and low conversion rates for new accounts.

Launch Project


  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation
  • Brand Strategy
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Fortress oversaw a campaign that included content creation, social media, custom graphic design work and brand strategy.

SFA Mutiple iphones


SFA social media following went from 100 to over 15,000 within 4 months and built predominately organically. This huge growth in their social media footprint allowed SFA to get their message out to a larger audience and included a presence on new platforms. This increased customer awareness of the quality of their platform and approach. The campaign also increased engagement among fans and helped increase overall website traffic.

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