Fortress will help you develop your brand and corporate identity to establish who you are and where you want your company to go moving forward. Finalizing how you want your brand to interact with clients will help you gain more positive results.


Fortress helps you to develop a more comprehensive plan for your brand. Beyond a site, logo, and social media presence, you must have goals about the experience that customers have with your brand.

We help you determine what you stand for and the image that you want to convey. This includes design and content elements, but also goes beyond to include the day-to-day interactions people will have with your brand.


Our marketing consultants will work with you to develop a marketing plan with your brand strategy at the core. Not only will they create a step-by-step plan, they will work with you to carry the plan to completion. By assessing the competition, the marketing strategies you want to use, and your budget, we will come up with a marketing plan specially tailored to the needs of your brand and your clientele.


If the best place for your brand to advertise is in a traditional space such as television or radio, we will leverage our relationships to get the most impact out of your ad spend. TV and radio advertising are not necessary for every brand, but are extremely beneficial to some. Our marketing strategists will assess if this choice is right for you and take the necessary steps to make it happen.


Fortress utilizes some of the most creative and innovative minds on the team to bring your brand's vision to life.

We will work with your business to ensure your new website is a combination of the latest trends and best-in-class interactive elements. Don’t forget that your website needs to do more than just convey your brand’s image. It also needs to embody who you are and then needs to go to work for you. We keep this in mind as we design your site and will ensure your website represents you well and helps you drive engagement.


Fortress will work with you to create a comprehensive corporate identity that optimally reflects who you are, including a selection of corporate colors, design and style elements, logo creation, and presence across media. By building a recognizable brand and cultivating positive customer interactions and reviews, your company will stand out from the competition.

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